Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about scar treatment

When is the right time to start the treatment?

As early as possible. That is, as soon as the wound is closed or the stitches have been removed. When treating an older scar, don’t wait too long. The earlier a scar is treated, the better the results.

How will I notice whether the proactive formula is effective?

You will feel the effect before you can see it: a slight itching during the first one or two weeks of use is a good sign that the healing process is underway. The first visible result of success is usually a decrease in redness. To ensure this, allow your skin and Mederma a bit of time. Scar treatment always requires patience.

How long should I use Mederma® for?

Use Mederma regularly for at least 8 weeks in the case of new scars, or 3–6 months on older scars.

Will children’s scars heal better using Mederma®?

Children are prone to scrapes and wounds that can leave ugly scars behind. Mederma is so safe and mild that even babies and toddlers can be treated with it. Using Mederma as soon as the wound is closed helps to visibly reduce scarring.

How is Mederma® different from other scar treatments?

Mederma is a clinically proven scar gel and is recommended by doctors and pharmacists worldwide. It is the No. 1 in the USA and a world leader in scar treatment.* The combination of active ingredients makes the scar softer, smoother, more elastic and less visible. This effectiveness has been scientifically certified in clinical studies.
* IMS Health. NDTI. December 2011

Does Mederma® make scars disappear completely?

No, a scar is permanent and will never disappear completely. However, Mederma significantly reduces the visibility of scars. For best possible results it is important to continue treatment for 8 weeks on new scars and 3–6 months on older scars.

Can I also use Mederma® on my face?

Yes. But it is not recommended that you use Mederma too close to your eyes.

Can I use make-up?

No problem. As soon as the skin has absorbed the gel, you can apply make-up as usual.

Can I use Mederma® on sunken (atrophic) scars?

Sunken or atrophic scars often come from acne or chicken pox. Mederma is not explicitly indicated for this type of scar as it will not aid to “fill up” a sunken scar. But Mederma has been shown to have a positive effect on redness and itching, and in this way, some patients have reported positive results when using Mederma on sunken (atrophic) acne scars. If you have any further questions about specific treatment of atrophic scars, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Where can I purchase Mederma®?

Mederma is available freely in pharmacies without a prescription.

What can I expect Mederma® to do for my scar?

Nothing can make scars disappear completely. But Mederma helps to soothe discomfort, promotes healing and – with regular and consistent application – makes your scar hardly visible. Then you can feel confident in your skin again.